13 Ways to Get $40 Wheel Alignment Near Me

Wheel alignment is very important for your vehicle. It adjusts car wheel angles. So, they keep upright on the ground and parallel to each other. Good wheel alignment helps a car to drive straight, extends tire life, enhances handling and stability, improves fuel efficiency, and reduces the stress on the suspension. If I had a bad alignment, is there any $40 wheel alignment near me? Continue reading to learn more!

What is Wheel Alignment?

Wheel alignment is a mechanical adjustment of a vehicle. It helps a vehicle in the direction and angle of the tire’s contact with the road surface. Wheel alignment can be adjusted, by altering the vehicle’s suspension. Tyre specialist uses art technology to adjust and determine the wheel alignment.

The optimal wheel alignment determined by the car manufacturer has an impact on handling and performance. It impacts drive safety and tire wear. It is a crucial element to check out at regular intervals at car repair shops. I recommend you to check wheel alignment for every 6000-10000 km driving or any time you see any changes in driving or handling your car.

How Do I Know If My Wheel Alignment Is Bad?

Without having proper wheel alignment, you can’t control your vehicle properly, especially when driving or turning at a road angle. Similarly, poor driving habits and environmental factors can also cause bad alignment. Knowing the actual reason for bad alignment, and fixing it the right way will keep you safe while driving.

$40 Wheel Alignment Near Me

4 Causes of Bad Wheel Alignment

There are numerous factors that can cause wheel misalignment that includes road hazards, driving habits, and worn-out components. Here are the 6 causes of bad wheel alignment.

  1. Heavy Impact: When you drive over curbs, potholes, hit a curb, or hit any road hazard causes a heavy impact. It leads to bad wheel alignment.
  2. Low Tire Pressure: Underinflated tires can pull or drift your car to one side or another. Incorrect PSI (Pounds Per Square Inch) can change the height of a car and leads to a bad tire alignment.
  3. Overdue re-alignment: Tire re-alignment is necessary at least once a year. Once the time is due, you may experience a bad alignment issue.
  4. Worn Parts: Worn suspension bearings and wheel bearings cause tires to tilt and sit angle, which leads to the car’s alignment.

7 Common Signs of Bad Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is important to maintain and control your vehicle while you drive. Any signs of misalignment should be addressed instantly. Here are a few signs of a bad wheel alignment, you should care about-

1. Your Car Pulls to One Side

Generally, cars are able to drive straight, when the driver hands off the steering wheel. When you see a car pull or drift to one side when driving on a straight road, there may be a problem in alignment. Measure the severity of misalignment.

How often does it swerve to a particular side? It is quite hard to control the car and straight on the line in this situation. Go to the repair shop and realign the wheel as soon as possible.

2. You Have an Uneven Steering Wheel

Another sign of a bad wheel alignment you may experience when holding the steering wheel in a straight line and even road. While driving, steering wheels should remain straight or in the center.

Use the steering wheel’s logo as a reference. If it is not in the center position or dancing in a while, it means you have an uneven steering wheel. So, it must be realigned asap.

3. If Your Steering is Loose When Driving

When you turn your car steering, it goes a little too far from what you intend to do. You feel you just turn the wheel a lot with a little tire movement, or tires are squealing regularly. It might be an alignment problem. It is also an indication of sloppy or loose steering.

The loose and sloppy steering wheel also known as “Free Play”  is dangerous because it reduces the response time when a car is turning around. It’s better to pay attention to your vehicle because it needs realignment as soon as possible. 

4. Your Tire is Squealing 

Can you hear a squealing sound from tires when turning around or accelerating? Misaligned wheels may cause tires to wear out unevenly. Squealing sounds can also come from worn brake pads, but abnormal squealing means your car has some critical issues in the alignment. Submit your car to the repair shop and determine the problem and go for a fix.

5. You Have an Uneven Tire Wear

First, check the tread wear of the car tire. It will help to understand the proper wheel alignment. If you see one of the car tires seem more worn out than the other, that means your car has a bad alignment. In this case, a tread depth meter can help to measure tire depth accurately.

6. Your Steering Turns Noisy

If your vehicle’s steering turns noisy, squeaking, or screeching, it’s a symptom of vehicle alignment. Misaligned wheels cause serious problems in the steering system. If it is left unchecked, it could lead dangerously down the road.

So, you will need to adjust wheel alignment which is less expensive to fix. If you once ignore this problem, it could be costly in the coming days.

7. Your Steering Wheel is Vibrating

If your car’s alignment is OK then the steering wheel never vibrates when you drive. If you notice vibrating, it must be a bad alignment or an unbalanced tire issue. To be sure, reach out to the car mechanic to fix it.

How Do I Check Wheel Alignment At Home?

Checking wheel alignment at home is quite challenging without having particular equipment. But, there are a few basic methods, you can try to check your alignment. Here’s a procedure to follow.

  1. Find a level and flat surface: Choose an area with a smooth, leveled, or garage floor. Make sure there are no obstructions that might interfere with the measurements.
  2. Tire inspection: Check each tire for signs of uneven wear, such as feathering, excessive wear on one side, or bald spots. It indicates misalignment issues.
  3. Check tire pressure: Make sure all tires are properly inflated to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Uneven Tire pressure can affect alignment measurements.
  4. Look Closely: Stand and look closely at the wheels from the front of the vehicle. See, are there any obvious signs of misalignment or the wheels pointing in the wrong direction?
  5. String method: This method clarifies the rough indication of toe alignment. You’ll need a long, straight string or nylon cord.
    • Park the vehicle on a level and flat surface. Make sure the tire is straight and the steering wheel at the center position.
    • Attach the string to a fixed point at the front of the vehicle, such as the bumper or suspension component.
    • Pull the string tightly along the side of the vehicle, making sure it runs parallel to the vehicle’s centerline.
    • Repeat this process on the other side of the vehicle.
    • Measure the distance between the string and the front and rear of each tire on both sides. Compare the measurements, and if there’s a significant difference, it indicates misalignment.
  6. Test drive: Take your vehicle for a short test drive on a straight, flat road. Pay attention to any pulling to one side, vibrations, or a steering wheel that’s off-center.

How Can I Get $40 Wheel Alignment Near Me?

Professional alignment cost depends on location and service provider. So, it is quite challenging to get a $40 wheel alignment near you. Here are a few suggestions for you-

  1. Look for coupons and discounts: You can check local newspapers, websites, and coupon apps for any deals or discounts on alignment offered by alignment shops in your area. Some repair shops have offers that can help you to get an alignment at a lower price.
  2. Check independent or smaller shops: You can check alignment deals on independent or smaller local shops that may offer reasonable pricing.
  3. Ask for quotes: Contact several alignment shops in your area and see their prices for a wheel alignment. Tell them you’re on a budget and see if they have any special rates or discounts available.
  4. Join membership programs: Some auto service chains offer membership programs or loyalty cards that provide discounts on car parts just like wheel alignments. Check if there are any membership programs available in your area.
  5. Visit vocational schools or training centers: Visit vocational schools or training centers that offer automotive programs. Sometimes, they offer discounted or free services as part of their training curriculum. You can get a free wheel alignment there.

Where Can I Align My Wheels for $40?

A wheel alignment improves gas mileage, smooths your ride, increases the life of tires, and contributes to a better wheel experience. Most importantly, a good alignment keeps you safe on the road while driving. But, where can I get a $40 wheel alignment near me? Here are a few places to check out. 

1. Elite Automotive & Tire Center

When you are looking for $40 wheel alignment deals, Elite Automotive & Tire Center is near you. If you live near the Byram Township, NJ area, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity to grab the deal. The $40 wheel alignment deal will be applicable when you buy two new tires at a time.

You will get a FREE alignment service when purchasing four tires! There are numerous wheel alignment deals updated regularly on their Facebook page. You can contact them on Facebook or at a physical address located at 254 U. S. Highway 206, zip code 07821, or call them at (973) 691-1444!  

2. Mercedes-Benz of North Olmsted

Mercedes-Benz of North Olmsted offers $39.95 wheel alignment deals including inspection of the vehicle’s suspension system. Mercedes Benz sells new and pre-owned cars. As a car lover, you will get various deals and discounts on new vehicles and pre-owned vehicles. It is located at 28450 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070, Ohio, United States. Visit Mercedes-Benz’s official website for more information.

3. Low Country Sales & Service

Just like Mercedes-Benz, Low Country Sales & Service offers wheel alignment service for $40 with a full vehicle suspension system. It has a great auto repair service. ASE-certified staff are always eager to help you out in any situation. It’s a great place to repair a car’s bad alignment. It is located at 28450 Lorain Rd, North Olmsted, OH 44070, United States.

4. Car Guy LLC

Car Guy LLC now offers a $40 wheel alignment service. The whole package of full-wheel alignment costs $80 in value. It is located at 600 E Blvd, Chandler.

5. Walmart

Walmart has $10 to $40 wheel alignment deals for a short period. They also provide front wheel alignment service for $50. 

6. Mr. Tire

They offer cheap wheel alignment deals just like Walmart. But, not $40, it’s $50 this time. And remember, it’s a 1-time deal.

7. J & M Discount Tire and Auto

The usual price of a wheel alignment is $99 at J & M Discount Tire and Auto. Currently, the price has dropped to 50% and the wheel alignment price is set at $49. This shop is located at 600 Park Way, Broomall.

8. JR’s Wheels & Tires

JR alignment repair service is set for $50 which was previously set at $120. They offer 58% and 60% off in alignment repair. That means you will get a two-wheel alignment only for $50. And four-wheel alignment is $60. It is located at 1695 W Lincoln Ave, Anaheim, CA 92801.

Where Can I Get Cheap Wheel Alignment Deals Near Me?

To find cheap alignment deals, you have to adjust the price. The wheel alignment price can be a little higher than $40. You have to pay a reasonable price in that place to get great alignment service. Follow me-

1. Midas

Midas often offers discounts on car-related services. This time, they offer wheel alignment service at a reasonable price. You can check out coupons and save money on the wheel alignment service. Get in touch with Midas here!

2. Goodyear

It offers wheel alignment with a warranty. The wheel alignment service warranty is 6 months or 6000 miles. Learn more here.

3. Belle Tire

Residents near Belle Tire will get cost-saving alignment service. They run great deals on car-related services. You can save a few bucks at Belle Tire. Visit their website for more info.

4. Pep Boys

Pep Boys offer free alignment checks with reasonable pricing in wheel alignment. They offer wheel-alignment service with warranties for 3 months to a lifetime. Pep Boys use a computerized wheel alignment service that makes alignment like manufacturer recommendation.

5. Dunn Tire

Dunn Tire offers flexible deals on wheel alignment. It provides a free tire alignment check. You can get a free idea about the car alignment. Then decide for a change or not.

Here are also a few lists to check car alignment for free. You can go for a check, and also wheel alignments you will get at a reasonable price for sure.

  • Brakes Plus
  • Evans Tire
  • Free Service Tire
  • Kwik Kar Marsh
  • Toyota of Rockwall
  • Pro Tyre
  • Patriot Subaru
  • Deboer’s Auto
  • Just Tires

How Much Does It Cost for Wheel Alignment?

Wheel Alignment cost depends on several factors such as location, service provider, vehicle type, etc. The standard wheel alignment price is between $50 to $168. Wheel alignment may be needed once a year. But, if you drive in potholes, gravel, and off-road, it will be hard to be accurate for a long time. Then it is required for immediate fixing at the auto repair shop.

What Are the Benefits of Wheel Alignment?

A wheel alignment offers multiple benefits that contribute to a car’s performance, safety, and longevity. Here are some key benefits.

  1. Extended Tire Life
  2. Improved Fuel Efficiency
  3. Enhanced Handling and Stability
  4. Enhanced Safety
  5. Reduced Stress on Suspension Components
  6. Preserved Vehicle Warranty

Can I Drive a Car With Bad Alignment?

You can drive a car with a bad alignment, but it is not recommended. Bad alignment can impact car safety, vehicle performance and cause an accident. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t drive a car with bad alignment.

  1. No Safety
  2. Uneven or Excessive Tire Wear
  3. Increase in Fuel Consumption
  4. Leads to Suspension and Steering Damage
  5. Drivetrain Issues
  6. Uncomfortable driving

If you suspect your vehicle has bad wheel alignment,  stop driving and have it fixed by a qualified automotive professional.

How Often Should I Get an Alignment?

There is no actual time frame for when you should get an alignment. When mechanics check out your car’s wheels, they will decide if the wheels need to be realigned or not. But, it is wise to get a wheel alignment every 2- 3 years.

However, wheel alignments depend on a few factors such as driving habits, and road conditions. Additionally, if you drive on rough roads, drive on curvy roads, and hit a curb constantly, it might be a cause of misalignment. So, wheel alignment is necessary in this case.

Final Word

To find a wheel alignment service near you, you can go for online research, and mapping applications, check out online directories, contact local shops, etc. $40 wheel alignment deals can be found at many auto repair shops. Compare the price and service before making a decision.

Fortunately, many wheel alignment services offer coupons and discounts on 2 or 4-wheel alignment. Just need a simple online research to get those deals. However, I’ve explained everything about the $40 wheel alignment near me.