10 Best LiPo Battery For Traxxas (RC Vehicle)

As an RC user, you know the battery role in RC vehicles. It is the most important part to run your RC car at a smooth speed and overall give more power to your vehicle. If you recently bought a Traxxas RC car but feel slow when it runs. And if your Traxxas RC needs an immediate battery replacement, you would have no choice rather than buying the best LiPo battery for Traxxas.

Want to unleash the true power of your Traxxas? Let’s dive into the LiPo batteries world and find the perfect match for your Traxxas. 

What is LiPo Battery?

Lithium-Polymer or LiPo battery is a rechargeable battery. In the LiPo battery, a solid polymer is used for lithium and electrolyte for electrodes. Commercial LiPo batteries are hybrids, gel polymers, or liquid electrolytes in a pouch format. Lithium-polymer batteries are more lightweight, and flexible than other lithium-ion batteries.

Because LP batteries use soft shells that allow them to be used in mobile and other devices like RC vehicles. LiPo batteries are known for their outstanding performance.

Best LiPo Battery For Traxxas

What is Traxxas?

Traxxas is a radio-controlled (RC) vehicle known for high-performance RC cars, boats, drones, trucks, etc. It was manufactured in McKinney, Texas, USA. Traxxas offers nitro-powered RC cars, off-street and on-street vehicles, drones, boats, etc.

Traxxas vehicles are famous for quality craftsmanship, advanced engineering, and attention to users which provide a realistic RC experience. Most Traxxas vehicles are waterproof, getting high performance, utilized with TQi wireless technology, and incorporated with an advanced suspension system.


Can You Use a LiPo Battery on a Traxxas?

Yes, you can definitely use a LiPo battery on a Traxxas vehicle. Traxxas offers plenty of vehicles that are compatible with LiPo batteries. Some Traxxas models come with an Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) that is also compatible with the LiPo battery.

As we mentioned earlier, LiPo batteries are lightweight and have a high energy density which makes them popular with all RC users. These batteries are comparatively better than NiMH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) batteries. However, before using a LiPo battery for your RC vehicle, verify the compatibility, and check voltage and capacity first.

Comparison Table of Best LiPo Battery For Traxxas

Preview Name mAh Cell Volt Price
41Hh75ZWlHL. AC SL500 .jpg
Traxxas 25C Lipo Battery 6400 3 11.1 Check Price
61yvuhTN mL. AC SL500 OVONIC LiPo Battery with XT60 Connector 5000 3 11.1 Check Price
711whXEbg5L. AC SL500 Zeee Lipo Battery with Dean-Style T Connector 5200 2 7.4 Check Price
71Xrt+K 6GL. AC SL500 HOOVO 2S LiPo Battery with Deans Connector 5200 2 7.4 Check Price
610ZZ8Bam2L. AC SL500 HRB 2PCS LiPo Battery COmpatible with TR 5000 3 11.1 Check Price
71ZsOdZb9qL. AC SL500 Gens ace 50C LiPo Battery with Deans T Plug 5000 2 7.4 Check Price
61ogysTDu7L. AC SL500 Common Sense RC Lectron Pro Lipo Battery with XT60 Connector 5200 2 7.4 Check Price
51WoTscakBL. AC SL500 HRB LiPo Battery TR Plug 50C 100C 2200 2 7.4 Check Price
41l0d2YrhyL. AC SL500 Traxxas 2872 LiPo 25C Battery 5000 3 11.1 Check Price
71K eFt4wSL. AC SL500 Traxxas 2890X 25C LiPo Battery 6700 4 14.8 Check Price

1. Traxxas 25C Lipo Battery

As a Traxxas user, you should pick the Traxxas brand battery first. There is an emotion behind this. However, the Traxxas 6400mAh is ideal for Traxxas, Rustler VXL, Stampede 4×4 VXL, and Bandit brushless VXL models. This LiPo battery comes with an iD connector. That means it will automatically allow Traxxas iD chargers to set and optimize charger settings. Traxxas 6400mAh battery’s cell is hard-wired with a 12-gauge Maxx cable and eliminates the resistance and power loss from plug-in wires.

LiPo batteries are designed to give on-demand power to reach the top-level speed of Traxxas models. Upon online research, I found that some people don’t like Traxxas batteries for a higher budget, but here quality and longer period wins. So, if you have a decent budget, and want something better for a longer period, why not Traxxas 6400mAh?

Traxxas 25C Lipo Battery

Key Features:

  • This LiPo battery pack is built with semi-rigid constructions that don’t require a hard case
  • It eliminates wire harness connectors and prevents failing or loosing
  • Specially built for Traxxas models
  • Comes with a high-current connector, gold-plated copper terminals, and an integrated balance connector
  • Built-in iD Auto Battery Identification that helps in charging
  • Includes 12 gauge silicone jacketed wire
  • Compatible with various Traxxas models
  • Provides a good runtime for some cars
  • Boosts the performance of remote control cars
  • Expensive

2. OVONIC LiPo Battery with XT60 Connector

OVONIC is a reliable brand for LiPo batteries. This brand supplies batteries for Traxxas, FPV, RC helicopters, RC airplanes, etc. Ovonic 3s and 4s both are suitable for Maxx, 3s is far better than 4s. No doubt, Ovonic is very popular among RC racers because of its value for money and its excellent quality.

It’s true C rate components that exceeded my expectations! It ran faster in a level place better than in a crowded area. But, needs quite an improvement in discharge performance. OVONIC 3s is recommended when you are on a tight budget, and want something to last longer. It’s definitely worth considering with a minimum budget.

OVONIC LiPo Battery with XT60 Connector

Key Features:

  • It is lightweight, has a long cycle life, and no “memory effect”
  • High capacity and high power battery will give more energy and more performance on your RC model
  • A high discharge rate will help RC to work powerfully
  • The good price of Ovonic batteries impresses us always
  • It is best for getting ultimate durability in cars, trucks, buggies, and RC helicopters or Airplanes.
  • Affordable
  • Provides strong current
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Battery case has separated for some customers
  • Not strong enough to meet modern brushless systems’ power demands

3. Zeee Lipo Battery with Dean-Style T Connector

Zeee Power batteries are popular for producing high-quality rechargeable batteries. They offer batteries at affordable prices that can be used in RC, helicopters, vehicles, planes, etc. This 2S LiPo battery from Zeee is one of the best LiPo battery for Traxxas. It provides excellent performance at a high discharge rate.

It is a 2-cell battery and each cell provides 3.7 volts approx. It works well at low temperature and flat discharge curve, and power your RC vehicles to meet the best possible speed. Its 50c discharge rate offers high power and long runtime for RC cars. Remember, the Zeee 2s battery is only compatible with 1⁄8 and 1/10 RC cars. At last, Zeee 7.4V LiPo Battery 2S is the favorite battery among users.

Zeee Lipo Battery with Dean-Style T Connector

Key Features:

  • Built with premium graded material comes from Korea and Japan
  • It provides low resistance, high reliability, and consistency
  • This battery has a long cycle life, a power density of up to 235Wh/kg, and finally lightweight
  • Great value for money without even losing performance
  • Affordable price
  • Suitable for use in Traxxas Slash, Arrma Senton, and Tekno sct410.3 models
  • Reduce battery life on more powerful models

4. HOOVO 2S LiPo Battery with Deans Connector

The HOOVO 2S 7.4V 5200mAh 80C LiPo battery is designed to use in RC vehicles such as trucks, boats, cars, etc. It has an overall 7.4 volts that is used in 2 cells, each cell provides 3.7 volts. This battery has a 5200mAh capacity which indicates battery storage. As it has sufficient battery capacity, that means it provides longer runtimes.

HOOVO provides excellent performance because it has an 80C rating that helps in maximum discharge rate. It comes with a hard case and provides physical protection to cells. This hard case also prevents damage during use. HOOVO 2S 7.4V comes with 2 packs, so you will get a pair of batteries for your RC vehicles.

HOOVO 2S LiPo Battery with Deans Connector

Key Features:

  • Available with a Dean’s connector which provides low resistance and high current handling capability.
  • It is lightweight, has long cycle life with no memory effect
  • Its high capacity provides more energy and enjoyment to all RC model
  • A steady discharge curve makes RC vehicle work powerfully
  • You shouldn’t charge it over 4.2v and below 3.2v.
  • High performance at a reasonable price
  • Good punch and long run time
  • Good hard case and wiring
  • Light and powerful
  • Actual capacity may be lower than advertised
  • Sometimes battery did not last as long as expected

5. HRB 2PCS LiPo Battery COmpatible with TR

HRB brand’s LiPo batteries are so underrated. HRB 2PCS 11.1V 5000mAh from HRB brand has more power to cheer up your RC vehicle. There are 5000mAh batteries that store a significant amount of charge and you can use them for a long time. Once you fully charge it, you can use it for a longer period. This battery has 11.1 volts for 3 cells which means each cell provides 3.7 volts. Don’t charge it more than 4.2V, and don’t discharge below 3.7 per cell.

Using a balanced charger will be better for your battery’s longevity. HRB 2PCS 11.1V 5000mAh is the best LiPo battery for Traxxas, and it is compatible with other RC models such as quadcopters, boats, airplanes, etc. Before purchasing, please verify the compatibility with your RC model.

HRB 2PCS LiPo Battery COmpatible with TR

Key Features:

  • It has a 50C discharge rate with an up to 100C burst discharge rate. You can deliver continuous discharge 50 times which is 250 amps. And 100C burst discharge rate means this battery can handle high current demands.
  • This HRB battery is compatible with a range of RC vehicles and aircraft such as cars, helicopters, airplanes, quadcopters, trucks, and boats.
  • Comes with multiple connector options such as Traxxas, MCPX, JST-XH
  • Sold with a 2-pack and provides you with a pair of batteries.
  • More affordable than Traxxas 4s 5000mah
  • Good quality and offers longer battery life
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Nothing for now

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How To Choose a LiPo Battery for Traxxas?

There are tons of Traxxas batteries available on the market. But, you have to understand which type of battery and which model will fit your RC car. Otherwise, you could end up with the wrong battery which potentially harms your RC car’s function. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a battery for Traxxas.

1. Battery Voltage

All RC cars’ power systems differ from each other as the manufacturer uses separate designs to handle particular electricity voltage. If you don’t follow the voltage parameter, your RC could shut down for over or below voltage. Every battery cell indicates the battery voltage. For Example: If one LiPo cell has 3.7 volts, two cells will be 7.4 volts, three for 11.1 volts, and four for 14.8 volts. So, you must match the RC car voltage and LiPo battery voltage before choosing a Traxxas battery.

2. Battery Capacity

Battery capacity is a great factor when you buy a battery. In all batteries, you may see labels about battery mAh. The more battery mAh you will have, the more will it last longer but similarly it will take more time to get charged fully. It is best to choose a high mAh battery for your Traxxas. Suppose, your battery has a capacity of 4000 mAh. It can supply only a 4-amp load per 1 hour. Just divide the battery capacity by 1000 to get the amp result for your battery.

3. Battery Weight

You should also check out the battery weight when choosing a battery for your RC vehicle. Battery weight can affect your RC car’s power-to-weight ratio. Heavyweight batteries for RC cars will cause your speed to be slower than lightweight batteries at high speeds. So, you should go for a lightweight Traxxas battery.

Are LiPo Batteries The Best?

LiPo batteries offer multiple benefits such as being lightweight, flexible, high energy density, high discharge rates, longer run times, voltage stability, etc. So, considerably LiPo batteries are one of the best batteries available on the market for RC models.

But, LiPo batteries require some special consideration and challenges. Overcharging, improper storage, and physical damage can lead to dangerous situations. So, be sure you follow the proper charge, usage, and storage guideline according to the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brand of LiPo battery?

When it comes to choosing the best brand of LiPo battery, there are a few famous brands available for reliable and high-quality products. Zeee Power, HOOVO, Ovonic, HRB Power, Thunder Power, Turnigy, Tattu, Gens Ace, and Venom are well-known LiPo battery brands, you can try.

Are Traxxas LiPo batteries good?

How long do Traxxas LiPo batteries last?

What is the best battery for Traxxas Rustler 2wd?

Final Word

Choosing the right and best LiPo battery for Traxxas is important to maximize the performance of your vehicle. I again said, to consider these factors such as battery capacity, voltage, discharge rate, a popular brand, and extras when buying or choosing a LiPo battery.

Each RC has separate requirements for batteries, so be sure you matched the specification, and requirements recommended by Traxxas manufacturer for your RC mode. However, if you need proper high speeds, good performance, and longer runtimes, there are no obstacles to choosing a LiPo battery.