Can Repo Man Move Another Car to Get to Yours? (Answered)

So, you have missed one or multiple payment dates to repay the lender. It is normal; many of us miss such due to various reasons, mostly financial issues. The bad consequences of such failure can often be diminished by consulting with the lender. But every human’s characteristics are not the same. Following this, not every lender possesses the same level of understanding. Or, simply put, the repo businesses do not want to agree with that.

After all, they are in the money business. In such cases, if you couldn’t pay and the lender was also not patient, the lender could send a repo man to take your vehicle. Now the question is, can repo man move another car to get to yours? In this case, there are two answers – “Yes” and “No.” Let’s dig deeper.

What Law Says About The Repo Man’s Retrieval Activities?

The following are activities a repo man cannot do to retrieve your car:

  1. The repo man has no right to force you out from your car.
  2. He cannot enter your property (house, garage, etc.) without your acknowledgment.
  3. He cannot do any harm (verbally or physically) to you.
  4. Any sort of legal advice from a repo man is not applicable.
  5. A repo man is not a government personnel (police, etc.); they cannot use any legal power like bringing a search warrant, an arrest warrant, etc.
  6. A repo man is not allowed to disturb the peace of the neiborhood.

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Can Repo Man Move Another Car to Get to Yours?

Your car is not only a daily need but also your passion. And if someone wants to take it from you, obviously, you will try to restrict them as much as possible. We describe the whole scenario here.

Can Repo Man Move Another Car to Get to Yours

The Happening

Yes, you might have missed the payment date, but you have logic, and you have found the lender’s behavior to be very childish. He or she doesn’t want to spare even a couple of days, as you requested, and will send a repo man to get the vehicle. In this case, like many others, your prompt action might include obstructing your vehicle’s exit by using another car, so that the repo man cannot take it out. This approach is effective in some states but ineffective in others.

Well, the “Retrieval of Property” upon debt default is a competitive business. The respective businesses use every available method to complete their tasks. To remain competitive in the industry, sometimes they just don’t care about the law regarding repossession activity. You should understand it is their profession and they are experienced in dealing with this. They handle people like you and me on a daily basis.

Theory vs Actual

Following this, we see that soft-core threatening is a very common scenario if they understand that you have intentionally placed another car to obstruct the pathway of the target car. To be honest with you, in some states, they eventually move another car by hook or crook to get your vehicle.

The law says a lot of things, but in practice, those are tough to maintain for both parties. As per our observation, this is a very common scenario in states like Michigan, Washington, etc. In these states, the law says a repossession agency is not obligated to send you even a notice before performing the repossession activity. The result is simple here: you can’t save your car by placing another car in front of it.

A Practical Example

Another thing, which we would like to mention here as an example to explain our observation. The repossession law says a repossession agent cannot breach the peace. We ask you to think logically here. The repo man might not make noise and keep his voice down; the neighbors might not get involved; but what about your family? The family members won’t keep quiet; they will shout at the repo man in anger or request his understanding. Finally, peace won’t exist. Please understand that this is not a peaceful situation at all.

The Elaboration

In consideration of the above elaboration, we request that you not block your car’s way out with another car and examine whether can repo man move another car to get yours or not! Don’t even consider it if you are a simple person (think of a family man vs. a muscle man). It will complicate the situation, you will digest some bad words (and even get threatened), and the repo man will move another car to get yours.

What You Can Do to Save Your Car from Repo Man?

  1. Go for filing a “Chapter 13 bankruptcy” if you are bankrupt. Prove that this car is needed to pay back the loans.
  2. If you were consistent in previous payments, take the documents to the court to show you are a victim of the situation (not paying on time due to a sudden money crisis). You never liked delays in payment.
  3. If you sense, now or then, that soon the repo man will take your car, go for an on-reservation agreement. It will make the repo man wait until the contract is completed, and you may have to pay back in the meantime.
  4. Keep your vehicle in a locked garage; better yet, use a relative’s or friend’s.
  5. Finally, don’t even go for this kind of loan to buy a car. It is better to borrow some money from friends and family than to take title loans.

Final Pick

We hope that our response to can repo man move another car to get to yours is very thorough. We have not provided a diplomatic response here. We’ve explained the reality. You should understand that lending is their business; they are not doing charity. So, the repo man will do everything to take your car to ensure his job and salary.

However, we suggest you not buy anything that you cannot afford with a cash payment. Your high-paying job can vanish just within 24 hours, and depending on such a source is not a wise move.

People Also Ask

What time does repo man usually come?

A repo man can come anytime to perform the repossession task. So don’t be surprised if he shows up at midnight.

How do they repo a car without keys?

If you don’t give the car key to the repo man, he can tow your car.

Can the repo man find my new address?

Yes, they can get your new address. In addition, at present, repo companies are installing tracking devices in the car to ensure that you cannot hide it.