Why and How Can You Get a Ticket Days After an Accident?

You might have been involved in an accident with at-fault status, and it’s been a while since you didn’t receive a police ticket. On the contrary, you were involved in a car accident but did not receive a ticket, leaving you to question the authority’s negligence. In both cases, the ticket could ring the doorbell anytime, even if it’s been a month or a couple of months since the accident. Here, we explore why and how can you get a ticket days after an accident.

Facts About Getting a Ticket Days After an Accident

Below facts, you must understand if you receive a ticket days after a vehicle collision.

Can You Get a Ticket Days After an Accident
  1. Depending on a state’s law, authorities have the right to send you a citation within 6 months.
  2. You may still receive a ticket even if you weren’t the main cause of the accident.
  3. Receiving a ticket doesn’t mean you are liable.
  4. Before ticketing you, authorities usually check factors like the weather condition, road conditions, witnesses’ statements, road camera footage, involved parties’ statements, other evidence, etc.
  5. Ticket is important for a claim’s approval.
  6. It is always better to respond to the ticket via a car accident lawyer.

How Can You Get A Ticket Days After An Accident?

You may be eligible for a ticket days after an accident for a number of reasons.

  1. You were going too fast.
  2. Failed to maintain lanes or traffic signals.
  3. Couldn’t yield the right of way.
  4. Driving in an intoxicated condition.
  5. Reckless and careless driving.
  6. Driving without a license.

However, those charges are subject to proof by the police. Also, even if you are not responsible for the accident, you can get a ticket based on false statements or a wrong interpretation of the evidence.

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Possible Reasons for Delayed Ticketing

Car accidents are considered a highly serious matter. Before issuing tickets, the police conduct many activities. However, below are some reasons why can you get a ticket days after an accident.

1. More than Two Parties’ Involvement

In many cases, more than two parties can be involved in an accident. Due to this, it is always difficult for drivers and witnesses to identify who is the main responsible party. Before issuing a ticket, police evaluate and cross-check the gathered statements and evidence several times to ensure that they are ticketing the right person. This high-volume work takes time.

2. No Witness and Unclear Footage

It is obvious that involved parties look for their own advantages in the situation. And both parties make statements in support of their innocence. This context becomes worse when there is no witness and the footage is unclear. It forces the police to delay the ticketing as the responsible party’s identification is difficult here.

3. Other Party Made a Complaint Letter

Assume you are at fault and have persuaded the other party because the damage is minor and there are no injuries. However, a sudden shift in the other driver’s mindset may result in the filing of a complaint several days after the accident. Also, if the other party realizes that the damage or injury is more extensive after an in-depth check-up, a delayed complaint may be filed. In both cases, the result is a delay in getting a ticket.

4. To Resolve Insurance Claims Issues

After an accident in a rural area, you and the other party might reach an agreement on no-police-complaint by observing the tiny damage to your car. But at the auto body repair shop, the experts proved that you made the wrong calculation, and the repair cost is huge. As you didn’t file a complaint or inform the insurance company on the spot, the claim’s approval is going to be problematic. In such cases, you have to report to the police and get a delayed ticket to get claim approval.

Bottom Line

We hope that the above elaboration makes you understand why and how can you get a ticket days after an accident. We always suggest you report to the police on the spot to avoid deviations later on. Prompt reporting also strengthens your case as a victim or at fault.

People Generally Ask

If I get a ticket in an accident, am I at fault?

No, getting a ticket does not always mean you are faulty. Sometimes, wrong statements by others or wrong evidence analysis result in getting a ticket.

What are the reasons I get a ticket for an accident?

The respective officer can issue a ticket if you were driving over the limit, not following the traffic laws, driving in an intoxicated condition, etc.

Is it essential to go to court after getting a ticket?

No, it is not essential. You can pay the fine by accepting the charge. However, if you do not want to go to court, you have no chance of getting a fair settlement.