Can You Remove the Middle Seat in Your Acura MDX?

The Acura MDX, a luxury midsize SUV, has been a popular choice among consumers for years due to its combination of performance, comfort, and advanced features. One common question that arises among MDX owners is whether it’s possible to remove the middle seat in the second row. This query stems from various reasons, including the desire for increased comfort, versatility, or creating a more spacious cabin. In this comprehensive article, we will explore the possibilities and considerations surrounding the removal of the middle seat in your Acura MDX.

Understanding the Acura MDX Seating Configuration

Before we delve into the prospect of removing the middle seat, let’s first understand the typical seating configuration in the Acura MDX. Most MDX models come with two seating configurations for the second row:

  1. Bench Seat Configuration: This is the standard setup for the second-row seats in the Acura MDX. It consists of a three-passenger bench seat, providing seating for three individuals. This configuration is common in base models and offers a traditional seating arrangement.
  2. Captain’s Chair Configuration: In some MDX trims, particularly those with higher levels of luxury, the second row can be equipped with two captain’s chairs. These chairs are more comfortable and spacious, often with additional features like armrests and individual adjustability. They create a more premium and comfortable environment for second-row passengers.

Now, let’s explore the possibilities for removing the middle seat and the implications of doing so.

Can You Remove the Middle Seat?

The ability to remove the middle seat in your Acura MDX largely depends on the specific model and trim level you own. Here are the key considerations:

Bench Seat Configuration:

If your MDX has the standard bench seat configuration, removing the middle seat is typically not a straightforward process. The bench seat is designed as a single unit, and the middle seat is not meant to be removed independently. Attempting to remove it could involve complex and potentially irreversible modifications to the seat assembly, which may void warranties or compromise safety.

Captain’s Chair Configuration:

MDX models equipped with captain’s chairs in the second row do not have a middle seat to remove. In this configuration, the two captain’s chairs are separate entities with a space in the middle, eliminating the need for removal.

Reasons for Wanting to Remove the Middle Seat

Owners may have various reasons for wanting to remove the middle seat in their Acura MDX. Here are some common motivations:

Enhanced Comfort:

One of the primary reasons is to enhance the comfort of second-row passengers. Removing the middle seat and replacing it with an open space or other accessories can provide a more luxurious and spacious feel, akin to the captain’s chair configuration.


Removing the middle seat can create additional cargo space or accommodate bulky items that wouldn’t fit with the seat in place. This can be particularly useful for those who frequently transport large items or luggage.


Some owners may want to improve access to the third row by creating a clear pathway between the second and third rows. This can be beneficial for families with multiple children who need to access the rear seats frequently.

Considerations Before Removing the Middle Seat

If you are contemplating the removal of the middle seat in your Acura MDX, there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

Warranty Implications:

Modifying the seating configuration of your vehicle, especially if it involves alterations to the seat assembly, can impact your warranty coverage. It’s essential to consult your vehicle’s warranty documentation and discuss any potential modifications with your Acura dealership to understand the implications fully.

Safety Concerns:

Removing a seat from your vehicle may affect its safety features and occupant protection in the event of a collision. Vehicle manufacturers design seating arrangements with safety in mind, and any changes to the seating configuration should be approached with caution.

Legal Compliance:

Different regions and jurisdictions may have specific regulations regarding vehicle modifications. It’s crucial to ensure that any modifications you make comply with local laws and safety standards.

Professional Assistance:

If you are determined to remove the middle seat, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from a certified Acura technician or an automotive customization expert. They can assess the feasibility of the modification and perform it safely and correctly.

Alternatives to Removing the Middle Seat

If you’re looking to enhance comfort, versatility, or accessibility in your Acura MDX without removing the middle seat, consider these alternatives:

Seat Covers and Accessories:

You can explore options such as premium seat covers, cushions, or accessories that provide added comfort and style to the middle seat without necessitating its removal.

Rear Seat Adjustments:

Acura MDX models often come with rear seat adjustments that allow you to recline the second-row seats or move them forward or backward. Experimenting with these adjustments may help you find a configuration that suits your needs.

Folding Down Seats:

If your MDX has a bench seat, consider folding down the middle seatback when it’s not in use. This can create a flat surface for placing items or provide an armrest for passengers without removing the entire seat.


In conclusion, while the desire to remove the middle seat in your Acura MDX may stem from a desire for enhanced comfort or versatility, it’s essential to approach such modifications with careful consideration. The feasibility of removing the middle seat depends on your specific MDX model and trim level, and making significant modifications may have warranty, safety, and legal implications. Before proceeding, consult your vehicle’s documentation and seek professional guidance to ensure any modifications are done correctly and safely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I remove the middle seat in my Acura MDX to create more space in the second row?

Removing the middle seat in an Acura MDX with a bench seat configuration is not a straightforward process and may have warranty and safety implications. Consult your dealership and consider alternatives for creating additional space.

Are there accessories available to enhance the comfort of the middle seat in my MDX?

Yes, you can explore accessories such as seat covers, cushions, and armrests to improve the comfort of the middle seat without removing it.

Does removing the middle seat affect the safety features of my Acura MDX?

Modifying the seating configuration of your vehicle can impact safety features and occupant protection. It’s essential to consider safety implications and consult with professionals if you plan to make such modifications.

Are there legal considerations when modifying the seating configuration of my vehicle?

Yes, different regions may have specific regulations regarding vehicle modifications. Ensure that any modifications you make comply with local laws and safety standards.

Can I adjust the second-row seats in my Acura MDX for added comfort or versatility without removing the middle seat?

Yes, Acura MDX models often come with rear seat adjustments that allow you to recline the second-row seats or move them forward or backward, providing flexibility and comfort without seat removal.