I Accidentally Hit Someone’s Car With My Door – Would I Be at Fault?

Car accidents are often considered unavoidable. But is it also applicable to hitting someone’s car with your door? Sure, it is highly possible. In this case, the cause is not always a lack of care; problems with the door’s mechanism, trying to get more space to get yourself out of the car, high-velocity wind, etc. can also initiate the situation.

So, when you say I accidentally hit someone’s car with my door, it is not a case-critical event. But this context also demands your concern. Here, we describe what you should do and why you should be concerned about this issue.

How I Can Hit Another with My Car’s Door?

  1. You were in a hurry and didn’t notice the gap between your car and the other one.
  2. Your car door’s mechanism is faulty.
  3. After opening the door lock, you pushed the door with a greater amount of pressure.
  4. You have struggled to take out your body, and unintentionally, the body has forced the door to open more than necessary, hitting the just-beside car. We see this scenario happen mostly to fatty people.
  5. The parking space is very narrow.
  6. It is an underground parking lot with a lack of lighting.
  7. There is a high-velocity wind.

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Laws Regarding Hitting a Car with Door Accidentally

Well, after accidentally hitting someone’s car, you can surely run away. But remember, there is a CC camera, and there are laws. If the car’s owner takes any legal action, you have to face problems. The car owner, police, or parking lot authority can file a legal complaint against you under the “Hit and Run” Act. The judge will find you guilty in consideration of the below-listed factors.

  1. You have violated ethical norms by leaving the place without informing the owner of another car.
  2. You didn’t share your identity with the hit car’s owner.
  3. And the resulting damage is significant.

If the judge rules against you, you might face imprisonment (5 months) and financial penalties (at least $1,000).

7 Actions Need to Take If I Accidentally Hit Someone’s Car With My Door

Here, we describe step-by-step guidelines that should be followed after you unintentionally hit another car’s body with your car’s door.

I Accidentally Hit Someone's Car With My Door

1. Get a Grip on Your Emotions

The first thing to do is keep the mind calm. Take a deep breath and say to yourself, “This is an accident that can happen to anyone.” This will diminish the guilty feeling and overwhelming state of your mind. Now think about what you should do. And definitely do not consider fleeing.

2. Inspect The Damage

Go to the damaged vehicle and check the degree of damage. At this moment, recreate the picture of how the accident happened. It will be needed when you have to explain the reason for hitting another car with your car door.

3. Take Proof

After inspection, switch on the mobile’s camera, take a picture, and make a video. Here, you should not move your vehicle and take some close shots as well as shots from a bit farther away. This will serve as evidence of actual damage. Also, this action will restrict another vehicle owner from claiming damages that were not caused by the respective accident.

4. Search for The Owner

Well, if it is a parking lot with staff supervision, go to the officials and explain the incident. Also, request that they find the owner.

5. Leave Your Identity

If the staff cannot find the vehicle’s owner at that moment, you leave your identification with them and request that they pass it to the person. Also, whether it is a privately maintained parking facility or you are self-parking, write down your details on a piece of paper and stick it under the car’s wiper.

6. Inform The Police

It is also a good solution if you are in an urban area where police presence is high. Simply make a call to 911 and inform them of the incident; a petrol car will come, and they will easily identify the owner and notify him or her. Next, the police will perform the prescribed procedures. Please note that in some states, it is mandatory to inform the police; otherwise, you will automatically receive a police case.

7. Communicating with Other Car’s Owner

Because you left the note, the owner of the hit vehicle will contact you (he or she may also contact you by gathering information from the police). However, at first, make an “apology” and ask how much the fixation will cost. If it is very little, just pay for it. It is not logical to deal with insurance companies or car accident attorneys for only a hundred bucks.

Still, the decision is upon you, and obviously, the claimed amount. If the claim is significant, provide your car insurance company’s contact information. The other side’s car insurance company will contact your insurance company to settle the issue. Also, if you see that the other party’s claim is very high and nearly illogical, consult with a local car accident lawyer immediately.

Bottom Line

We hope now you know every aspect of the context of I accidentally hit someone’s car with my door. After all, it is an accident, and accidents happen. So be calm and take logical action. Please keep in mind that you should not even consider fleeing. Take photos and videos of the damage, leave your identification, and depending on your state’s regulations, inform the police.

People Also Ask

Can you get in trouble for hitting a car with your door?

You must, without a doubt, pay for the damage repair. If you try to flee without leaving your identity with the owner of the victim car, you may face imprisonment and financial penalties.

What should you do if someone opens their car door into yours?

In this case, take pictures and video of the damage at first. Then contact the police and file a complaint. However, if the owner of the other car is gentle enough, he or she will stop, and you can reach a mutual agreement.

What should I do if my car door hits another car due to the wind?

First, gather information and proof of the severity of the damage. Then contact the police and leave your identification for the hit car’s owner.