My Lawyer Gave My Case to Another Lawyer – 5 Ways to React!

After encountering a car-related legal issue and hiring an attorney, you may become surprised to see that a different lawyer is handling your case after a few days. Certainly, it is a surprising and unsettling experience. It leaves you with the puzzle of why my lawyer gave my case to another lawyer.

As a legal professional, your lawyer must put his or her concern to protect your interest at the very first point. But there are times when your legal adviser transfers the case to another attorney. Here, we are going to check in detail of the mentioned happening while exploring actions needed from your end., and what you should expect from this transition.

Why My Lawyer Gave My Case to Another Lawyer?

Below are the most possible causes.

  1. Your lawyer may have a relationship with the opposition through financial relations, handling their case, etc. Also, your lawyer can transfer the case to another attorney if he or she has taken care of the opposition’s other case previously. Simply put, the transfer happens to avoid a conflict of interest.
  2. Another possible reason is that the hired lawyer does not have the required expertise or experience to handle certain aspects of your case. Here, he or she can transfer your case to another lawyer who has more knowledge and experience in that particular area of law.
  3. If you have a permanent lawyer who handles your organization-related issue, consider that the lawyer will transfer the case to a lawyer who is an expert in a vehicle-related issue like car damage, vehicle insurance, etc.
  4. Your lawyer is overbooked or has realized that another case needs some special attention, which will impact his or her engagement in your case.
  5. The matter in your case is very usual, and there is not enough complexity to meet the caliber of the lawyer.
  6. The financial gain is not enough as your lawyer is highly experienced and deals with only high-valued cases.
  7. Your lawyer is not qualified to represent the case because it is in another state or court that is outside of his or her jurisdiction.
  8. Your lawyer is sick or going through personal problems.
  9. Finally, you have not paid the fees.
My Lawyer Gave My Case to Another Lawyer

What to Expect When Your Lawyer Transfers Your Case?

If your lawyer is transferring the case to another lawyer, he or she is obliged to provide you with the documents listed below.

  1. A written communication from your lawyer.
  2. Your lawyer will provide a verbal or written introduction of the referred lawyer.
  3. He or she will ensure the initial meeting between you and the recommended lawyer.
  4. All the respective paperworks and evidence will be transferred to the new lawyer.
  5. In consideration of the good relationship with you, the previous lawyer may follow up on the case from time to time.

5 Possible Impacts If Your Lawyer Transfers Your Case to Another Lawyer

Here is a comprehensive list of potential consequences in the event that your attorney referred the case to another legal associate.

1. Delay in Progress

As the present lawyer is not familiar with your case, he or she may need some time to conduct research and analysis of the documents, evidence, copies of court hearings, etc. This usually results in an additional time requirement.

2. Increase in Costs

If the fees of a new lawyer are the same as those of the old lawyer, you won’t face any additional costs. But if there is a difference, your expenditure will increase. Also, sometimes a previous lawyer won’t pay back the advance, which results in doubling the initial costs.

3. Change in Strategy

Surely, every lawyer has their own style and approach to dealing with legal issues. In such a case, you have to adapt yourself to the new attorney’s approaches. Additionally, due to changes in strategies and approaches, the final outcome may vary.

4. Improved Outcome

If the new lawyer is more experienced and has specialized knowledge in the particular area of law pertaining to your case, you can expect a far better outcome.

5. Increased Communication

To explain your position, your expectations from the case, etc., you need to make several visits to the new attorney’s office. Also, there will be a significant amount of discussion over the phone to find common ground. 

Most importantly, you have to make sure he or she understands the relationship between the submitted evidence and the actual happenings during the incident. All of these will cost you additional time and effort.

How to React and Handle the Situation?

Follow the below approaches.

1. Check the Credibility of New Lawyer

After getting the confirmation regarding the transfer of your case to another legal associate, collect all the details of the new lawyer. Go for a credibility check by conducting internet research, consulting experienced friends & family, checking with the bar association, interviewing the new lawyer, etc.

2. Express Your Concerns

Be open with the new lawyer when discussing your position in the case and expectations. Also, you must provide a brief overview of your experience so far in this case. And do not forget to point out any critical concerns. The lawyer will come up with a response to every concern of yours.

3. Settle the Financial Matters

Upon getting satisfactory feedback on your questions and queries, discuss the payments. Negotiate wisely, but do not expect a massive reduction, as this lawyer already knows how much you were going to pay the previous lawyer.

4. Meeting Documentation Requirements

If the previous lawyer has already passed all the documents to the new lawyer, then it is ok. If not, then you have to provide him or her with a fresh set of documents. Also, get to know if any additional documentation is required. Arrange those and submit them within the given timeframe.

5. Follow-up

It is a must-do task for you. Knock on the lawyer’s door on a scheduled basis to know the progress of the case, any associated changes, etc.

Last Words

We hope you now have answers to all of your why, how, and what-to-do questions about why my lawyer gave my case to another lawyer. Certainly, this change will make you concerned about the progress of your case and its outcome. But it is important to remember that lawyers have a duty to act in their client’s best interests. We suggest you do not panic and take time to prepare for dealing with the new setup.

People Also Ask

Can I transfer my case to another lawyer?

Yes, you can transfer your case to another attorney if you see any conflict of interest, your attorney’s professional ethics are bad, or the attorney is not capable enough.

How do you get rid of a lawyer from your case?

At first, inform him or her verbally about the removal. Then send written notifications with justifications.

Can I talk to another lawyer if I already have one?

Yes, you can talk. But keep in mind that you may have to spend more on the second lawyer’s consultation fees and charges.