What if You Are Unhappy with Body Shop Repair? 5 Way to React

When we take our cars to an auto body shop for service, the basic expectation is that they will be returned in semi-new condition. Here, the reason for sending the car to the garage can be an accident or body damage due to prolonged use. And the repair work can range from dents to paint fixation. Unfortunately, there are times when our expectations do not match reality. We become unhappy with body shop repair work. But is there a resolution to this context? What can we do? We’ve explored all the options here in detail. Let’s dive in.

How Auto Body Repair Shop Can Make You Unhappy?

Auto body repair shops are the place where you send your vehicle for fixing and restoration after experiencing an accident or ageing-related damages. The very basic reason for being unhappy with the repair work is that the quality of the work does not match your expectations.

Unhappy with Body Shop Repair

Not only this, but there are several other reasons why an auto body repair shop can make you feel disappointed with its services.

  1. Imperfect finish or poorly matched paint even though you are paying for premium-quality paintwork.
  2. The shop hasn’t completed its work as per promised deadlines.
  3. The bill generated by the auto body shop authority is not transparent.
  4. The shop has never been informed about some damaging issues that they cannot solve. And now they want to hand over without fixation on those by mentioning their incapability.
  5. The earlier damages are resolved, but there are new damages that were not available when you handed over the car to them.

What to Do If You Are Unhappy with Body Shop Repair?

Along with poorly repaired work, if you face any of the above-mentioned issues, it will trigger disappointment and frustration in your mindset. So, what do you do when you are unhappy with body shop repair work, billing issues, lateness, etc.? 

Well, the answer considers two criteria here: the first is that the bill is going to be paid by the insurance company, and the second is that the bill is going to be paid by you (or the shop is chosen by you). Let’s check what you can do in both cases.

Insurance Company is Paying

If the damage repair cost is going to be handled by the insurance company, then it is easy for you. By law, the car garage is responsible for delivering the car in its pre-accident condition. When you go to receive your car and see that the work is not done properly, you must contact the insurance company promptly.

After contacting the insurance company, state the issues in which the repair work does not meet the satisfactory criteria. In this case, if needed, send the before- and after-accident pictures, supported by the after-repair pictures.

The insurance company will send a representative to perform a post-repair inspection and take the necessary actions. The actions can be a rejection of the repair work done or a settlement with you.

You are Paying or You Have Chosen the Shop

Well, if you are paying for the repair work, it is a bit complicated as you are not a corporate client like the insurance company. Below are some approaches that you can apply to get a resolution.

1. Negotiate with the Shop Management

Below are the negotiation approaches as per the various reasons for disappointment.

  1. If you are not satisfied with the repair or paintwork, show the before pictures and the signed “Scope of work” document. Ask for a refund or a second repair.
  2. In case there was a delay in the vehicle’s delivery, try to get a discount.
  3. If the shop management is saying that some damages they cannot repair, show them the signed “Scope of work” document and ask for a deduction in the bill for the inconvenience and your wasted time.
  4. In case there is new damage, show them the before picture and ask for free repair work along with a deduction from the current bill.

2. Go for Complaining

Collect all the respective documents and evidence of the inconveniences that occurred. And go to the respective state’s auto body repair shop organization (Union or Bureau). Consult with the officials and know the complaint procedure. Follow the procedure and submit a complaint for the bad repair work or inconvenience caused.

3. Lodge a Legal Complaint

If the earlier mentioned approaches do not work, go for lodging a legal complaint. First, hire a car lawyer and inform him or her of all the details. Also, provide the attorney with documents, such as before and after pictures, bills, etc. If your unhappiness is related to only repair work, the lawyer will manage a third party’s post-repair investigation work. Upon receiving the report, you are ready to file a court case.

4. Make People Aware

Post the shop’s unprofessional act with elaboration and pictures on social media. Also, you can post some negative reviews on various car-related forums, mentioning the details of bad work, degraded communication, failure to keep a promise, etc.

5 Tips to Avoid Disappointment with Body Shop Repair Works

Please follow the below instructions.

  1. Always go for a reputed and familiar workshop, even if the charge is a bit higher.
  2. Before handing over the vehicle to the shop, make a clear statement about the required work. It is always better to have a signed document that details the work required.
  3. Negotiate the price at the first point and mention that you won’t pay a single penny more than the agreed amount.
  4. Research the shop’s terms and policies, if there are any.
  5. Before deciding on a particular shop, search for reviews online and offline.

Final Thoughts

Certainly, being unhappy with body shop repair work is not desirable at all. But there are times when you cannot avoid them. However, if you face disappointment, we suggest you apply the mentioned approach or multiple approaches as the situation demands. Most importantly, don’t hesitate to speak up and raise your concerns with the body shop at the very first point, as this may encourage them to do things right.

People Also Ask

What can I do if my car is not fixed properly after an insurance claim?

Inform the insurance company and go for a post-repair investigation. If the insurance company finds validity in your statement, they will resolve the issue.

How to deal with body shop as they are taking too long to fix car?

Contact the manager or owner of the shop and elaborate on the problems you are facing due to their unprofessional attitude. Also, do not forget to claim a deduction from the bill.

What should I do if I paid for car repair but it was not completed?

First, contact the manager and ask for a full refund. If they do not agree, go for a lawsuit with the assistance of a lawyer.